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Most Common HVAC Problems

Your HVAC unit plays an important role in the overall comfort of your home. It can be easy to forget just how important it’s job is until something seems broken and the temperature is sweltering hot or bitter cold. If you are experiencing issues with your HVAC unit, you might be able to troubleshoot them yourself, or in some cases you may need a licensed expert from A. J. Danboise to come take a look.

Here are some of the most common HVAC problems, and suggestions on how you or your local HVAC expert might be able to solve them.

1.      Dirty Filters

Even if you have the best HVAC unit on the market, it will not operate at maximum efficiency with a dirty filter. Filters should be changed at least once every 90 days, or sometimes even as regularly as once per month. If your filter becomes too caked with dust and pollutants, your HVAC will have to work harder to maintain the air flow and cool your home. This issue has the easiest fix on the list: just make sure to check on your filter and replace it as it gets dirty.

2.      Refrigerant Leaks

Most HVAC units use a liquid refrigerant to cool air as it flows into your home. However, if this substance finds an escape route and leaks out of your unit, there will not be enough to chill the air adequately. Warmer air blowing into your home can be a inconvenient or even extremely uncomfortable depending on the season. If your refrigerant levels seem low, call an HVAC technician to have them assess the problem. They can compare the levels your unit is using and compare them to the manufacturer’s specifications for that HVAC.

3.      Thermostat Sensor Issues

The sensor inside your thermostat is used to detect the air temperature inside your home. Based on the temperature it reads, it will signal your HVAC to turn on or off. This process is designed to ensure your HVAC maintains a comfortable temperature in your home. If your air conditioner or heater does not seem to turn on when it needs to, or it turns your HVAC on and off too many times per day, your sensor might not be operating properly. A licensed HVAC professional can help you determine if the problem is with your thermostat rather than your unit.

4.      Ignition Problems

Sometimes elements like pilot lights, igniters, or other electrical components within your HVAC are due for a replacement. If your HVAC has issues starting, you might be able to take a look inside and diagnose the problem yourself. However, it is best to have a professional do any replacements within your unit.

5.      Uneven Heating or Cooling

If some parts of your home are receiving more cool air in the summer or warm air in the winter than others, the problem might not be with your HVAC. Sometimes if certain rooms don’t seem to have climate consistent with the rest of the house, it has to do with gaps in their sealing. If you can seal up these problem areas, it might improve the air flow and temperature control.

If you experience problems with your HVAC unit, A. J. Danboise is here to help. Contact us at 1-248-236-5999.

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Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

Summer is always a fun season for all. School is out for the kids, and family vacations are in full swing. It’s the best time to enjoy trips and picnics by the lake. Or you can cannon ball in your backyard pool. Summer is also the best season for BBQs and bringing people together for fun under the sun. Speaking of the sun, summer also brings with it intense heat and in some places humidity. With higher temperatures come increased energy bills with more air conditioning usage. Not to worry, AJ Danboise has some tips on how you can beat the heat and keep cool this summer!

During the Day Shut the Blinds

Keeping the blinds closed during the daytime can help keep heat out of the house. You can lower your indoor temperatures by about 15 degrees just from closing the blinds during those hot summer days. You can increase your coolness by installing light-colored blinds, window sun-screens, or film to help keep the heat outside. Another inexpensive way to keep cooler is putting blackout curtains over your windows to help reduce warmth.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Instead of keeping the air conditioning running all summer, install some ceiling fans in your home to help reduce how much energy you’re using. During the summer turning your fan on counterclockwise helps bring cool air down. A secret cool down method is filling a large bowl with ice and using your fan to help circulate the cool air in the room.

Plant Some Outdoor Shade

You can make cooler improvements to your home – and not just in the interior. Add some green around your home to help reduce the sun’s rays from entering. For a long-term solution, planting some trees to help provide shade around your home is great. However, if you’re looking for a short-term quick fix, you can add vines and taller shrubs to add some coolness.

Add an Energy Star

If not using your air conditioner is not an option this summer, try upgrading your system to a more energy-efficient model to help save costs. Try switching to a newer, and more efficient model that will save you money and keep a lower carbon footprint in the long run.

Learn More About Energy Star Appliances Here

Take Day Trips to Cool Places

This is probably the best way to keep cool on this list. If the summer heat ever gets unbearable, it may be time to pack up the family and head to the lake for a fun day on the water. Head on down to Lakeshore Park and enjoy the shaded areas, and beach. You can plan to spend the whole day there with a picnic and utilizing the bike trails at the park to really maximize family time.

You can also have an AJ Danboise technician come by and check to make sure your current air conditioning unit is working efficiently with necessary maintenance. If it’s time for a new model, they can help assess the right size and brand best for your needs. Call us at 248-236-5999 to schedule an appointment today!


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