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Thursday, 17 August 2017 17:01

How to Keep Your Sinks Unclogged

Knowing what causes the drains in your home to become blocked, and understanding how to keep them clear, can save you from having to call a plumber. Better yet, when you can maintain free-flowing drains, it is easier to keep your sinks and bathtub clean and clear. They will be less likely to get coated with deposits of whatever gunk that would otherwise become backed up and make a mess.

Bathroom drains routinely become slow from sticky substances like toothpaste, shaving cream and hair which all collect in the drain pipe. Kitchen sink drains have similar problems because oil and grease tend to solidify and build up over time.

Tips from the Pros

It is easy to treat and prevent these issues using items you already have at home. Below are some ways you can clear your drains and keep them running smoothly:


Bathroom sinks and tubs usually become slow and blocked for different reasons than kitchen sinks, so you have to deal with them in different ways. For cleaning bathroom drains, ordinary table salt can be a very effective ingredient in your toolbox. Pour at least one tablespoon of salt into your bathroom drain followed by 1⁄4 cup of plain white vinegar, and let it sit for an hour. Then, run HOT water to clear out the all of the loosened substances from the drain. For best results do this a second time.

Maintain Your Sinks

To keep your drain clear after you clean it out in this manner, from time to time pour a little bleach into the sink. Let it sit overnight or for at least an hour before you run water down the drain again.

Ditch the Grease

Grease build-up in your kitchen sink drain can be remedied with liquid dish detergent and a large volume of boiling water. Put a big pot of water on the stove and bring it to a boil. Squirt a generous amount of dish liquid (at least a tablespoon) directly into your drain and pour the boiling water into the drain, a little at a time. The rapidly boiling water will melt grease deposits while the detergent helps to dissolve grease and oil and allow the boiling water to flush it away. You may want to repeat this process two to three times if the grease build-up is substantial.

Hotter Than Usual Water

It may seem obvious, but simply putting hot water down your kitchen and bathroom sink drains at least weekly can go a long way to keeping them clean and clear. For the kitchen sink, hot water will help to melt and flush away light grease deposits. Bathroom drains also benefit from very hot water, since you normally wouldn’t use such hot water for washing your hands or face.

Drains always seem to clog at the worst possible time, like when you have a houseful of overnight guests or a big party. We at AJ Danboise can help with any and all drain clogs! If you can’t fix it, call us today before it gets worse. Call today at 1-248-236-5999 to schedule an appointment.

For all your plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical needs, you can count on AJ Danboise! Schedule service online or by giving us a call at 1-248-236-5999.

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Tuesday, 08 August 2017 19:38

Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

In warmer months, it’s tempting to crank the AC or plant yourself in front of the nearest fan. But these aren’t the only tricks to keeping cool. It turns out there are plenty of ways to buffer your home from the heat without racking up your electric bill.

Keep Your Blinds Closed

As simple as this tip may seem, it can save a lot. In fact, up to 30 percent of unwanted heat comes from your windows. Utilizing shades and curtains can save you up to 7 percent on bills and lower indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees. Closing the blinds essentially prevents your home from becoming a miniature greenhouse, which is especially the case with south and west facing windows.

Be Smart About Your Doors

Closing off unused rooms will prevent cool air from permeating these areas during the hottest part of the day. You’ll want to capitalize on the cooler night hours, too, letting air flow naturally through your home.

Use a Ceiling Fan Instead of Turning on the AC

Not even an air conditioner can give off a fake sea breeze, unfortunately. But you can create your own by filling a mixing bowl with ice and positioning it at an angle in front of a large fan. The air from the fan will whip off the ice in an extra-chilled, extra-misty state. You can get a nice breeze going and you can save money by not using your AC. Killing two birds with one stone!

You may not realize that your ceiling fan needs to be adjusted seasonally. Set your ceiling fan to run counter-clockwise in the summer at a higher speed. The fan’s airflow will create a wind-chill breeze effect that will make you and your family feel cooler.

Swap Your Sheets

Not only does seasonally switching your bedding freshen up a room, it’s also a great way to keep cool. While textiles like flannel sheets and fleece blankets are fantastic for insulation, cotton is a smarter move this time of year as it breathes easier and stays cooler. As an added bonus, buy yourself a buckwheat pillow or two. Buckwheat hulls have a naturally occurring air space between them so they won’t hold on to your body heat like conventional pillows, even when packed together in a pillow case.

Sleep Low

Heat rises, so hit the downstairs couch or basement, or put your mattress on the floor if the air feels cooler. Make sure there are no monsters in the basement before setting up shop, though!

Let the Night Air In

During the summer months, temperatures may drop during the night. Make the most of these refreshing hours by cracking the windows before you go to bed. You can even create a wind tunnel by strategically setting up your fans to force the perfect cross breeze. Just be sure to close the windows and blinds before things get too hot in the morning.

 Start Grilling

Using your oven or stove in the summer will make your house hotter. If it already feels like 100 degrees in your home, the last thing you want to do is turn on a 400-degree oven. Besides, who doesn’t want to get more mileage out of their outdoor furniture and seasonal accessories?

Make sure your AC unit is working properly and call the experts at AJ Danboise for a maintenance check! We have the expert technicians who are certified in their work and know how to get the job done right. Keep cool during the rest of this summer season and make sure your AC is functioning properly today! Call today at 1-248-236-5999!

For all your plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical needs, you can count on AJ Danboise! Schedule service online or by giving us a call at 1-248-236-5999.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017 19:52

Showering Tips to Get You Through Summer

Taking a shower should be pretty easy at this point. You’ve gotten your routine down to a science and you stick to it as much as possible. You know what products you like, the water temperature that works best for you and the proper lathering and rinsing techniques. Showering has become an item on the to do list that just needs to get checked off.

What you might not realize, though, is that how you go about cleansing yourself actually needs to alter a bit depending on the season. Which makes sense, if you think about it: how could the same method work just as well both in the dry, frigid depths of winter, as well as during the dog days of summer? It couldn’t! That’s why we’ve put together a few tips that will help you stay cool in the summer and prepare your body for the heat.

Look at Your Shampoo and Conditioning Routine

The amount you should be washing your hair is largely dependent on a couple of factors. Hair type, for one. Also, grease and sweat build-up. It’s the latter that becomes more prominent as the weather warms up, and so, if you haven’t already, you going to want to reconsider the frequency with which you shampoo and condition. Maybe it should increase. Maybe it should stay the same. Either way, a little analysis couldn’t hurt.

 Colder is Better

Sure, a hot shower is nice. But when the summertime heat is knocking on your door, there’s definitely something to be said for turning down the heat. For one, it can help with sweat by lowering your surface body temperature, setting a higher threshold for perspiration. Secondly, cold showers can help your skin lock in moisture, constrict blood vessels for reduced flushing, and help you cool off after a hot day outside.

Consider Showering at Night

Here’s a quick fact: science has proven that people fall asleep easier, and sleep better, when their body temperature is on the decline. Now, during the winter, that’s an easy thing to achieve—the weather has pretty much got you covered. But in the summer, it can be somewhat more difficult, which is why taking a cold shower at night can be a solid choice. Another tip: don’t towel off as thoroughly, as going to bed slightly damp will help keep you cooler for longer.

These tips will definitely help you get through the warm summer months here in Michigan! Showering can be the perfect way to cool off while getting clean at the same time. Make sure your water is doing what it’s supposed to do. Call the experts at AJ Danboise for all of your plumbing needs! We look at water tanks, drains and water filtration systems! Call us today and get back to beating the heat!

For all your plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical needs, you can count on AJ Danboise! Schedule service online or by giving us a call at 1-248-236-5999.

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Thursday, 20 July 2017 14:59

Mini-Vacation Ideas in Michigan

Unfortunately, Michigan tends to get lumped in with the rest of the Midwestern states when it comes to vacation hotspots. A lot of people flock to places outside of the midwestern area when they book vacations. However, Michigan is actually quite different from the rest of the states. It’s made up of two peninsulas, which creates some surprising and beautiful beach areas. Then in the winter, there are some incredibly skiing and other snow sport opportunities to check out. Here you’ll also find scenic drives, rugged paths, lush forests, and cultural attractions in the urban areas.

Michigan has a little bit of everything to offer and we get to benefit from it since we call this state home. It’s location in the U.S. makes Michigan an easy place to take a road trip and explore all the quaint towns and cities. Before the school year takes off and the stress of the holiday season takes over, check out these great mini-vacation ideas that will help save you money! You won’t have to leave Michigan to have a great vacation!

Weekend Getaway in Allegan

Allegan is an ideal weekend getaway in Western Michigan for outdoors lovers. The town is in the Allegan State Game Reserve and a haven for fishermen, boaters, hikers and swimmers. It has a historic small-town charm, and one of the biggest county fairs in the entire U.S. takes place here.

The Allegan Antiques Market, Wild West Ranch, and Something Sweet are also worth stopping by in town. Book your stay at Delano Mansion Inn, a romantic Bed and Breakfast with just 6 beautifully decorated rooms, just a short drive away from Lake Michigan.

Take a Trip to Tecumseh

For another lovely example of small town America, take a weekend trip to Tecumseh. Here you’ll find a scenic landscape, historic homes, and downtown shopping district that keeps the entrepreneurial spirit alive. Tecumseh has been called the best-kept secret in the state of Michigan, but now the secret is out!

There are several nice B&Bs in Tecumseh, including the Chicago Street Suite and the Loft. Chicago Boulevard is a wonderful place to take a walk and window-shop. The suite is over the Daily Grind Sandwich Shoppe and sleeps up to five, while the loft sleeps three.

Recharge in Frankenmuth

Experience traditional Bavarian hospitality right here in Michigan! This is a great place to visit for families and groups of friends looking to recharge and experience something different, even if only for a weekend. Families with kids enjoy the indoor water parks, foodies love sampling the German specialties, and everyone loves a good festival.

Couples can take horse-drawn carriage ride or a wine and chocolate boat tour to add a little romance into the weekend. Make sure to spend time at the Frankenmuth River Place Shops and do a tasting at St. Julian’s Winery. Plan to stay at the Bavarian Inn Lodge when you’re in Frankenmuth, which has 360 European-themed guestrooms and the largest family fun center in any Midwest hotel.

These are just a few vacation ideas to check out in Michigan. Explore the state you live in this summer and save money by not having to fly across the states to have a good time. Weekend getaways and mini-vacations right in your home state are the perfect way to relax and unwind without breaking the bank. Have one last getaway together before the school break is over and before the holiday stress sets in for the upcoming months!

For all your plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical needs, you can count on AJ Danboise! Schedule service online or by giving us a call at 1-248-236-5999.

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At this point in time, most homes have some sort of filtered water available. Whether that’s through your refrigerator or your own device you purchased, filtered water has become a common placement in modern homes. Things like bacteria, parasites, fluoride, chlorine and other emerging pollutants can contaminate your tap water – whether you are living in the city or not – and could get into your system if not properly filtered out.

We know that filtering water is the best way to drink water at its purest. Did you know that there are several filtration systems that can filter your water? We have listed a few filtration systems here that can benefit your home and help you live a healthier lifestyle!

Activated Carbon Filters

These are also known as carbon filters or pre-filters and are generally responsible for removing larger particles like sediment and silt from your water. They work by attracting and absorbing these particles so they’re no longer present in the liquid that comes out of your faucet.

An activated carbon filter will also make sure the end result has less in the way of odor and tastes much better. This is because they reduce the amount of chlorine and other contaminants that can make your water smelly or just darn right unpleasant to drink.

Reverse Osmosis

This type of filter is incredibly popular mainly because it has the ability to remove all sorts of contaminants that can be a danger to your health, as well as making sure the end result is clear and odor free. Originally, it was invented to separate seawater from salt.

As water enters the filter, it’s first put through a pre-filter which traps larger particles like silt and sediment. After that, pressurized water is sent through the RO membrane which will filter out all of the contaminants and impurities you would rather not have in your drinking water. Once this has all happened, you water will receive a final “scrub” so it’s ready to drink.

Alkaline/Water Ionizers

These filters use a process known as electrolysis. What this means is the water is passed over plates which are electrically charged, and it’s separated into two streams. One is alkaline and the other is acidic.

Not only do you get softer water as a result, water that’s low in acidity is much better for your skin as well.

UV Filters

These types of filters are possibly one of the newest technologies on the market. When ultraviolet radiation is used to treat water, it has the ability to destroy various bacteria that can be damaging to your health.

If you want a more environmentally friendly way of purifying your water, this filter may well be the answer because it doesn’t need any chemicals or additional heat to be effective.

Infrared Filters

As with alkaline filters, this technology is used to help soften your water, so if you live in a hard water area, infrared technology will help. Much like alkaline filters, infrared uses heat and light to negatively charge the water, and give it a softer feel.

Whatever your preference, it’s important to make sure the water you are drinking and bathing with is filtered. This helps promote a healthier lifestyle and gives you peace of mind about what is in your water. Call AJ Danboise and see if your home could benefit from a whole home water filtration system or from other water filtration services. We want to make sure you have usable water so don’t wait to call!

For all your plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical needs, you can count on AJ Danboise! Schedule service online or by giving us a call at 1-248-236-5999.

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Thursday, 06 July 2017 20:09

Green Plumbing Tips

Going green has been a popular trend over years and with good reason. This trend helps the environment but it also helps you save money. There are so many ways to go green within your home – including your plumbing. Along with the benefits of cutting back costs, utilizing some green plumbing tips will also make your home healthier.

There are several ways to go green with plumbing. Your home’s plumbing covers a wide range of categories, from the drainage and pipes to the water heater, toiles and sewer main. Check out these helpful tips on how to go green with your plumbing. It’s easy!

Insulate Your Pipes. Heat likes to escape the home and this couldn’t be more evident than in your pipes. Insulated pipes prevent heat from leaving your home as water travels from your hot water heater to your faucet. Likewise, if you can, avoid running your home's plumbing through outside walls.

Install a Whole House Water Filtration System. Whole house filtration systems can eliminate the presence of chemicals, particulates and microorganisms in your water. That means healthier water for you and helps extend the life of your hot water heaters.

Investigate Your Water Supply. Get your water tested by one of our pros at AJ Danboise. Different water filtration and purification systems target different water quality issues. So, before you spend money on going green, make sure you’re putting it in the right place.

Install Low-Flush Toilets. Flushing your toilet accounts for the single biggest water draw in your home, to the tune of about 28 gallons of water per person, per day. A typical low-flush toilet uses anywhere from two to five times less water per flush.

Install Faucet Flow Reducers. These easy-to-install flow reducers fit on the end of your faucets (where the aerator screws on), and can reduce faucet flow by as much as 40%.

Invest in a Tankless Water Heater. These heaters use less energy than a traditional tank-type water heater. They last up to 10 years longer than tank-type heaters, take up less space and the hot water they supply runs continuously as it isn’t limited to the size of the tank.

Unblock Your Sink Naturally. When your sink gets blocked, it can be easy and “quicker” to use a chemical to unclog it. By using these products you’re sending chemical toxins down your pipes, which are quite bad for the environment. There are safer methods of unblocking a sink such as a plunger. If this doesn’t work, try to temporarily remove the U-bend from under the sink so you can physically remove the blockage.

Turn the Tap Off. When brushing your teeth, make sure to turn the tap off while you brush. A running tap can waste up to eight gallons of water.

Fix Leaky Faucets. If a faucet is left leaking it can waste about 20 gallons of water so it’s highly important to fix this. It may seem expensive to get a plumber but can save you lots on your water bills in the long run.

Give AJ Danboise a call today and one of our experts will come out and inspect your plumbing. We believe in making sure our environment is being taken care of and we can help you go green with your plumbing. you're looking for plumbing service in Southeastern Michigan that you can depend on to get the job done right you've come to the right place! We're a family owned and operated business and have been serving homeowners throughout Southeast Michigan since 1925. Call us today!


Friday, 30 June 2017 19:40

Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips

A typical household spends roughly $2,200 a year on energy bills, and nearly half of that comes from heating and cooling costs. With the summer heat in full force, people here in Michigan are turning their air conditioning up to full blast. But you can save electricity and avoid hefty repair bills by giving your HVAC system an annual check-up. In fact, the best time for HVAC maintenance is right before extreme temperatures hit, so try our energy-saving tune-up tips today!

DIY Maintenance

Clean & Change the Air Filter. If you only make one tune-up this season, make sure to give your air filter some TLC. Cleaning your air filter can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by up to 15%. In the summertime, you should wash your reusable filter or replace your disposable one at least once per month.

Clean the Area Around Your Outdoor Unit. Keep vegetation at least two feet away from the unit so it is free to pull in air. This includes making sure your grass is not too tall and raking up leaves in the fall season.

Call a Professional

Some parts of a thorough annual check-up require taking apart an AC unit, so you’ll need to call a service technician for a quick, professional check-up. If you call one of our technicians to service your HVAC unit, we will do the following:

Clear the Drain. A clogged drain can waste nearly as much energy as a dirty filter because your unit has to work harder to send out even less cool air.

Clean the Outdoor and Indoor Units. The technician will keep the outdoor condenser fan running efficiently by cleaning the fan blades and will maintain the unit’s ability to cool the air moving through it by removing dust and other buildup from the indoor evaporator coil.

Help Your HVAC Save Energy

To get the most bang from your HVAC buck, use these general energy-saving tips. They will help you support your system and save energy around the house.

Get a Programmable Thermostat. It’s easier to save energy with a programmable thermostat than a regular one because you don't have to think about it each time you want to change the temperature. You pre-program your settings so that the thermostat raises the temperature while you're at work and asleep, and kicks on the air conditioning when you're at home and awake. With "smart” programmable thermostats, you can even control the temperature from your smartphone.

Seal Your Heating & Cooling Ducts and Any Open Spaces. Make sure doors, windows, and nooks and crannies are shut and properly sealed. The less cool air that escapes your home, the less energy you'll waste, and more comfortable you'll be.

Set Your Thermostat to Your Ideal Temperature.  Setting the air conditioner to a colder-than-desired temperature doesn't cool down your house any quicker – it just keeps the unit working longer than necessary. So, set it to where you want it. And remember: You save up to 1% on your yearly cooling bill every time you raise the temperature by one degree for a period of eight hours. So, set it to around 78° - after all, it is summer!

If you're looking for home air conditioning service in Southeastern Michigan that you can depend on to get the job done right you've come to the right place! We're a family owned and operated business and have been serving homeowners throughout Southeast Michigan since 1925. 

We have the expertise you need and can be counted on for all of your home air conditioning needs. From regular maintenance, to repair and replacement, we offer complete air conditioning service. Our highly trained technicians can service all makes and models of air conditioning equipment. Give us a call today and schedule some maintenance for your HVAC this summer!


For all your plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical needs, you can count on AJ Danboise! Schedule service online or by giving us a call at 1-248-236-5999.

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Monday, 19 June 2017 16:28

Best Movies to Watch this 4th of July

Unfortunately, Independence Day falls on a weekday this year so, if you can’t get the day off from work, you’ll probably be watching fireworks and hitting sheets early for work the next day. If you are not planning any lengthy festivities, a night spent at home is always a great option. This is America and that means you are free to do whatever you please to celebrate 4th of July.

Not into fireworks? No big deal. Not into hanging out with large groups of people? Even better! Consider ordering a few burgers and popping in a patriotic movie this Independence Day. You won’t have to leave your house and you’ll be doing your duty as an American to celebrate the much-coveted holiday that defined the establishing of America. We’ve rounded up a few movies that you can watch that will make you feel as if you were right there in the trenches!

Johnny Tremain. This 1957 classic is one of the oft-forgotten films about the Revolutionary War. In colonial Boston, a young silversmith’s apprentice injures his hand and finds himself befriended by the Sons of Liberty and caught up in the events of the American Revolution. Best of all, this is a Disney movie! You and your kids can gather around the TV and learn about the American Revolution while being entertained during the process.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. This is one of the greatest underdog stories in film history. This tale of a naïve hopeful entering a corrupt government and rising above scandal is sure to fill you with the patriotic spirit. Mr. Smith rises above the corruption and keeps his honesty and moral integrity. This film is sure to keep your American spirit pure at heart.

Yankee Doodle Dandy. The most unabashedly patriotic and flag-waving movie out there, this film is an overly idealized telling of entertainer George M. Cohan’s life. Some of these tales include his birth on July 4th and his fame and fortune as a singer-songwriter and actor-playwright. Of course, this movie is not completed without its amazing musical numbers. If you like a good musical and you are feeling the patriotic spirit, this film is perfect for you!

The Patriot. An iconic movie that takes place in the middle of the Revolutionary War. This one is about a peaceful farmer who is pushed into the militia after British soldiers murder his son. What starts out as a lost cause quickly turns into a hope for freedom. This film makes the American Revolution a little bit more personable and it will have you connecting with the main character and his family. If you watch this one on July 4th, be sure to have a few tissues next to you – you’re going to need them.

Sometimes, watching a good old-fashioned patriot movie can get you in the patriotic mood. Especially when you hear fireworks in the background. Take a night off and relax. No need to go all out this year. Why? Because you are an American and you get to do whatever you want thanks to the Bill of Rights. If you’re feeling extra dangerous, toss some tea into a nearby river. Just remember to have a safe and fun 4th of July!

We at AJ Danboise want to wish you a happy Independence Day!

For all your plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical needs, you can count on AJ Danboise! Schedule service online or by giving us a call at 1-248-236-5999.

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Monday, 12 June 2017 14:17

Safety Tips for Your Kids this Summer

With summer approaching, your kids are home from school while you are away at work. Leaving your kids by themselves always worries you. As a parent, the safety of your children is of utmost importance to you. You also understand that your kids are going to fall, crash, slip and tumble. It’s part of being a kid. But there are little things you can do to ensure that your kids avoid more serious injuries and situations. Check out these tips on keeping your child safe this summer.

Install Security Cameras. This option allows you to check in on your kids from time to time. Most security cameras can provide live feeds directly to your mobile devices – making it easier to see how your kids are doing. You don’t have to install a whole security system, but place a few cameras in places you know your kids spend the most time. Also, it’s probably a good idea to place a few security cameras outside of your home. This will help prevent break-ins.

Move Chemicals Out of Sight. Most chemical cleaners are hazardous to kids. Leaving them out or easily accessible will give your kids the opportunity to get into them. Place chemical cleaners in hard to reach places and hide them from your kids’ view. If they are not accessible, chances are your kids will not go looking for them.

Store poisonous items out of reach or use safety locks on cabinets within reach. These items also include liquid packets for the laundry and dishwasher. It only takes a few minutes, and it gives you one less thing to worry about.

Put the toll-free number Poison Help Number (1-800-222-1222) into your home and cell phones. You should also post it near your phone or on your refrigerator for the babysitter. Hopefully you'll never need it, but it's nice to have just in case.

Watch for Water. Among preventable injuries, drowning is the leading cause of death for younger kids. Empty all tubs, buckets, containers and kiddie pools and store them upside down so they don’t collect water. If you can, install a fence around your pool if you have a built-in pool.

Check Your Furniture. If your kids like to climb stuff, it might be a good idea to make sure your TV’s are mounted or stable to prevent them from toppling off stands. If you have a heaver TV, place it on a low, stable piece of furniture that is appropriate for the TV’s size and weight. Use brackets, braces or wall straps to secure unstable or top-heavy furniture to the wall.

Check Smoke and Fire Alarms. Make sure your home has a carbon monoxide alarm. As with smoke alarms, install a carbon monoxide alarm on every level of your home, especially near sleeping areas, and keep them at least 15 feet away from fuel-burning appliances. Keep gasoline away from any source of heat, spark or flame. Even common household appliances such as water heaters and clothes dryers can start a gasoline fire. Be sure to store your gasoline away from anything that could ignite it.

Summer can be a stressful time for parents when they cannot monitor their kids’ safety. Consider these tips and give yourself some ease of mind while you are away during the workday. Making sure your kids are knowleagable about the risks and dangerous of certain elements will also help their safety. Don’t let this summer be a stressful time for you!

For all your plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical needs, you can count on AJ Danboise! Schedule service online or by giving us a call at 1-248-236-5999.

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Friday, 02 June 2017 20:22

Fun Activities for Father's Day

Father’s Day is this weekend and what better way to celebrate than to take your dad out this weekend and have some fun! Spending some extra quality time with your dad is definitely the best gift to give him this weekend. It doesn’t matter what the two of you do – the most important thing is to spend time together. Check out these fun ideas for a great Father’s Day celebration. We have suggestions to fit any dad, whether the two of you enjoy one-on-one activity or kicking back and relaxing with some much-needed quiet time.

Plan a Father’s Day Outing

Plan a trip to a nearby attraction to celebrate Father's Day. Check out a free museum, visit a farmer's market, or score cheap tickets to a local ball game. Choose something that fits Dad's personality and interests—after all, it is his day! Check out these things you can do right here in Michigan!

 Give Dad Alone Time

Whether it's watching baseball on TV, taking a nap, or catching up on some light reading, Dad will love the chance to have a few hours for himself. It's Father's Day, so let Dad pick his activity for the day—and then let him enjoy his alone time! Napping is a wonderful gift to give!

Grill with Dad

Grilling is one of the best activities you can do with your dad this weekend. It’s summertime and the living is easy. So, grab a few steaks or hamburger patties and slap them on the grill in the name of Father’s Day! Create a great family cookout so your dad gets to spend quality time with those who love him this weekend. Check out these fantastic grilling recipes to try out.

Take a Fishing Trip

Go fish! What better way to spend Father's Day than doing what Dad loves best? A fishing trip can be as simple as throwing a rod in the local pond, but he'll love showing you his tricks of the trade.

Spend One-on-One Time Together

Take Dad out for a date to your (or his!) place of choice. Milk shakes, burgers, a nice dinner—it doesn't matter! The important part is spending one-on-one time on Father's Day.

Enjoy the Outdoors Together

Find a hiking trail, go for a bike ride, or head to a local park to enjoy the outdoors. As long as you're outside and spending time with Dad, he'll be sure to have a great Father's Day.

 Other activities to do for Father’s Day:

  • Take your dad to a concert of their favorite band.
  • Listen to your dad. Set aside some time and listen to him tell stories of him as a kid.
  • Take your dad to a spa day.
  • Do some yardwork for him while he relaxes.
  • Show your dad a hobby you’ve been working on and get him to show you a hobby he’s been working on.

We at AJ Danboise want to wish all dads out there a happy and wonderful Father’s Day. We are grateful to our dads for raising us to be hardworking people who value others. AJ Danboise honors and appreciates all fathers this Father’s Day!

For all your plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical needs, you can count on AJ Danboise! Schedule service online or by giving us a call at 1-248-236-5999.

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