How to Keep Your Sinks Unclogged

Having your sink clogged is an inconvenience no matter when it happens. It is important to keep your drains clear and clean from debris. Routinely checking your drainage pipes will ensure efficiency and unexpected leaks and breakdowns. Along with keeping your pipes professionally maintained by the experts at AJ Danboise, there are several things you can do to help minimize clogs. Our professionals have outlined a few DIY essentials to keep your sinks unclogged.

Limit Drain Waste

Staying conscious of what you are pouring down your drains is important. When cooking fatty food items that produce a lot of grease, do not dispose them down your kitchen sink. Instead pour your excess grease into a coffee tin or container for later use. Coffee grounds are another item commonly thrown in the drain. Instead take those coffee grounds and use them to create mulch for an outdoor garden.

Hot Water Helps

Pouring hot water down your train once a week helps keep the drains clear. Hot water aides in getting rid of grease deposits. Boil a pot of water then add a drop of dish soap. Pour the liquid down the sink slowly to help dissolve oil. You can also use this to pour down bathroom sinks and tubs. You can repeat the process more than once if your grease build-up is excessive.

Use Drain Covers

Installing a sink drain cover can help reduce the amount of large debris that goes down your pipes. Sink covers can help limit how much hair goes down your bathtub, and lower leftover food build-up from dishes in your kitchen sink. Be sure to install a cover that has a strainer and rubber stopper to keep your drains as clear as possible.

Cold Water Occasionally

When utilizing the garbage disposal, it is better to have cold water running the entire time. With cold water this helps any grease in your disposal stay hard enough for the blades to break through.

DIY Remedies

There are do-it-yourself cleaners that you can make at home to help unclog your sinks. Some recipes include utilizing baking soda and vinegar. Take one cup of baking soda and pour it down the sink. Follow up by pouring half a cup of white vinegar in the drain then cover the drain opening. Allow the mixture to work in the drain for about thirty minutes then run hot water down. If your sink is severely clogged, you will need to repeat the mixture again.

Call the Experts

If your sinks are still clogged even after trying the tips above, it may be time to call in professional help. AJ Danboise can help you with sewer and drain cleaning. Count on our techs to be your drain cleaning experts from main drain to kitchen; we will help you clear out your pipes. We serve the Livonia, Farmington Hills, and surrounding Michigan communities.

Making sure your drains clear can be a maintenance task that you can keep up with weekly using the tips above. Don’t let your sinks build up grease, hair, and other items to keep your pipes from running efficiently. Call us at (248) 600-5048 to schedule an appointment with Michigan’s favorite home service company!