Safety Tips for Your Kids this Summer

Summer break means freedom for your kids. The extended vacation often means endless hours of playing video games, hanging out with friends, and staying up all night. Unfortunately, many parents still have to work, and often their kids may be unsupervised. You want everyone to have a safe, relaxing summer, but kids at home alone can cause anxiety. AJ Danboise understands the importance of ensuring safety for your kids over the break. We have provided some helpful tips to keep your kids safe and secure while having fun. Sometimes the threat of danger can seem overwhelming, but by following these smart suggestions you’ll have some peace of mind throughout the break.

Below are some safety tips for kids from the experts:

Keep Dangerous Objects Out of Reach

  • When you’re not home, who knows what your kids will get their hands on.
  • Dangerous chemicals are common in homes, and unsuspecting children can sometimes find them.
  • Keeping products like kitchen cleaners, bleach, bug sprays and other toxic liquids locked away or out of reach from children can help prevent any accidental contamination.
  • Objects such as knives or lawn tools should be kept away as well, as sharp objects can cause cuts and injury.

Have Bug Repellent and Sun Screen Handy

  • With your kids always outdoors, there’s a good chance they can get some nasty bug bites or sun burn.
  • Having bug repellant tools such as spray and lotion can easily prevent those mosquito bites on your children.
  • A sunscreen with a high SPF will help prevent sun burns and other problems associated with excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Make sure your kids are taking breaks and finding shade regularly, along with staying hydrated.

Practice Water Safety

  • Summer vacation means it’s time for the pool, but your kids may not always know proper water safety.
  • Sign up your children for swimming classes at the local YMCA to teaches them proper water safety - and what to do in the case of an emergency.
  • Post safety rules by the pool – and make sure appropriate emergency numbers are clearly posted on the same notice.
  • Having floats such as pool noodles and water tubes can act as both fun toys and safety devices.

Check Your Security System

  • As with any home, a good security system is a lifesaver.
  • Have all your smoke detectors tested once a month, and make sure to replace the batteries about twice a year.
  • Installing security cameras can help monitor any potential danger that may occur.
  • Security lighting helps provide safety, and should be properly maintained as well.

It’s important that you and your kids should enjoy a safe, secure summer break. By following these essential safety tips you’ll be able to relax a little more over the break. And remember, if you need smoke detector or security lighting installation, contact AJ Danboise today! For over nine decades, we have provided the best electrical services in Farmington Hills, and continue to do so for our Southeastern Michigan neighbors. Give us a call at (248) 600-5048 to schedule an appointment and get started.