Benefits Of A Humidifier In The Fall

Humidifiers have many benefits for your Michigan household in the fall and winter. The trick is finding the right balance of humidity. Dry air can trigger allergies, cold, flu, flaky skin and snoring (which is unhealthy for you – and whoever might be in the same room). The dry air in the fall and winter can also wreak havoc on your home. It can dry out wood structures and cause cracking and breaking, affecting both furniture and your home. To combat these problems, we recommend a whole house humidifier to ensure the right amount of humidity throughout the year.

What Are Humidifiers Good For

The indoor air quality experts at AJ Danboise have put together a helpful list of the benefits a whole house humidifier can bring to your home.

Replenishing Dry Heater Air

In the winter, when you turn on your heater the warm air can instantly begin drying out the home. Along with the air - your skin, hands, lips, and eyes can all get very dry. The layered clothing that a Michigan winter demands, along with dry skin, can cause severe irritations.

  • A whole-house humidifier can add the necessary humidity to the air to add moisture and prevent some dryness.

Preventing Cold/Flu

With dry air your system has a harder time functioning, meaning your sinuses don’t drain properly – and lungs can become irritated and scratchy.

  • A healthier humidity can help correct the drainage and dryness issues and in turn, prevent cold and flu.
  • Unfortunately, if you already have a cold or flu, you’ll need to rely on a doctor’s advice to cure it!

Alleviating Snoring

Snoring can be triggered by many different things - and dry winter air is one of them.

  • Dry air can dry out your sinuses and cause breathing issues with certain people.
  • If you already snore, this can exacerbate the problem which is not only a nuisance for others – it can cause severe health problems.

Diminishing Allergy Symptoms

Just like spring, fall and winter come with their own set of allergies.

  • The dry air from outside combined with your heater in your home can aggravate any allergy symptoms you have and lead to complications such as sinusitis.
  • Low humidity levels can make any sinus or lung issues worse.

Effects On Your Home

Dry air can cause extreme damage to wood. Your home can be compromised structurally; cracking and warping can lead to a variety of problems.

  • Cracks in doors and around windows can also raise utility bills, allow pet infestation and cause water leaks.
  • If you have wallpaper in your home, it can also peel and crack.
  • Wood furniture is also compromised – and should be treated with oil-based solutions every winter regardless of humidity levels in your home.

Consider Upgrading To A Whole-House Humidifier

Most Michigan homes already contain one or two portable humidifiers to combat many of the problems related in this piece. However, our dry winters demand a much more holistic approach when keeping the humidity at healthy levels. Portable humidifiers are great for bedrooms; especially for small children and people who have extreme allergy and sinus problems. But these units only cover single rooms and constantly need to be filled with water (and running) to ensure optimum efficiency. A whole-home humidifier (coupled with your portable units) can help considerably with all the common problems associated with dry air.

If you are considering installing a whole-house humidifier, contact the IAQ experts at AJ Danboise. Call (248) 600-5048 for a full assessment today!