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  • What Causes a Slow Drain?
    What Causes a Slow Drain?

    A clogged or slow drain is an extremely common household woe that can occur in all of the drains in your house, and probably has. A drain clog can be due to an obstruction caused by an item that ...

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  • Common Toilet Problems
    Common Toilet Problems

    A clogged or leaky toilet is unfortunately a familiar occurrence for many homeowners. Below, we describe the toilet problems that happen most frequently, along with some possible fixes. For assistance ...

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  • 5 Tips to Avoid a Turkey Day Plumbing Catastrophe
    5 Tips to Avoid a Turkey Day Plumbing Catastrophe

    Hosting a Thanksgiving Day party at your home this year? If you are, you'll probably be inviting family and friends to join you in celebrating the holiday. There is often one additional person that ...

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  • Most Common Plumbing Problems
    Most Common Plumbing Problems

    Have you ever noticed an odd sound, smell, or water flow problem with your plumbing and wondered what to do? You might not be alone in your plumbing plight. At AJ Danboise , we are all too familiar ...

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  • Answers to Plumbing FAQs
    Answers to Plumbing FAQs

    As the most trusted plumbers in Farmington Hills, we tend to receive plenty of plumbing-related questions from our customers. AJ Danboise expert plumbers are always happy to assist with any of your ...

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  • Drain Safety: Protecting Your Pipes
    Drain Safety: Protecting Your Pipes

    When we scrape off our plates after dinner or give our toilets a flush, that tends to be the last time we think about the waste going down the drain. But the food items and products we toss travel ...

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