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Electrical FAQs

AJ Danboise is here to answer all your electrical questions. Whether you hear a strange buzzing coming your outlets or your circuit breaker won’t turn on, we’ve got solutions for you. For reliable electrical services in Farmington Hills and surrounding areas, contact our team of experts at (248) 600-5048!

What are the signs of potential electrical hazards in the home?

Some things to look for: room lights dim when the refrigerator or air conditioner kicks on, the television screen shrinks, circuit breakers frequently trip, or outlets or dimmer switches seem hot to the touch. These conditions indicate that the electrical wiring in your house is overloaded.

Is an old-fashioned fuse box a hazard?

The short answer is no because fuses provide the same protection against overloaded wiring as circuit breakers. However, when fuse boxes were in widespread use, most homes had only 30 or 60-ampere service. Today’s homes need at least 150 to 200 ampere service to safely supply power for major appliances. If you have a fuse box and you’ve added any large appliances over the years, it is recommended that you have your home wiring inspected to make sure it is still safe. Contact AJ Danboise and we can send a qualified electrician to inspect this for you.

How can I tell when an electrical outlet isn’t safe?

There are three indicators of an unsafe outlet. If an outlet can no longer hold a plug snugly, if any parts of the outlet are broken, or if the outlet feels hot to the touch. If any of these conditions exist, we can replace the outlet for you.

Can I add more outlets in the kitchen?

Most likely, yes. And don’t forget to install GFCI outlets in the kitchen. This is a job for a licensed electrician, and we’re ready to help do it right.

Where should I place a carbon monoxide detector?

Because carbon monoxide is slightly lighter than air and also because it may be found with warm, rising air, detectors should be placed on a wall about five feet above the floor. The detector may be placed on the ceiling. Do not place the detector right next to or over a fireplace or flame-producing appliance. Keep the detector out of the way of pets and children. Each floor needs a separate detector. If you’re getting a single carbon monoxide detector, place it near the sleeping area and make certain the alarm is loud enough to wake you up.

How long does electrical wiring last?

That’s a hard question to answer since it depends on the type of use and abuse the system has experienced over the years. If you have any doubts about your wiring or notice some frayed or broken insulation, call us and have a complete inspection of your home’s electrical wiring.

How long do outlets and switches last?

It depends on use. Electricians will tell you they see outlets more than 50 years old that still work fine, and others that are worn out after only a few years.

If you need fast, reliable electrical repairs and installations in Farmington Hills, contact AJ Danboise today!

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